A self-guided hike in South Redbird!

Chose your own adventure through an area of the Daniel Boone National Forest that is currently approved for logging!

Redbird Rendezvous is a curated hike designed to guide you along the Redbird Crest Trail and into the forest that is home to our Champion Red Hickory tree. This self-guided hike comes with all the resources you need to visit this forest before it's too late!

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Why a self-guided hike?

This forest deserves to be seen! Logging has already begun in the Bear Creek area of South Redbird. We know the threat to the Champion Red Hickory is imminent and the Forest Service has rejected any additional measures to protect this Champion Tree. Our hope is that if you choose this adventure, you will see for yourself what makes this forest so special!

We have compiled all the resources you need to navigate the forest during this trip. Below you will find written directions with numbered waypoints and their coordinates, an easy to read, downloadable map with the waypoints numbered, a general vicinity map, and even a detailed map of the Champion Red Hickory's location!

Grab a friend or two and plan your visit!


Pro tip: visiting in the winter before all the foliage pops make for the best views from the Redbird Crest Trail, as well as the canopy of the Red Hickory!


Staff Ecologist Jim Scheff compiled and curated a detailed guide that provides the user with an introduction to the area, suggested travel to and from desired location, parking instructions, and waypoints along the hike with coordinates included. Consider it the forest's version of a scavenger hunt - happy hiking!


Download the guide here!


Jim created these maps from personal data collected over hundreds of hours in this forest!

The maps are available for download to use as you navigate this self-guided hike. The first map is a full-spread of Little Flat Creek The second map is a detailed zoom of the location of the Red Hickory. These are best used in companion with the written guide.

Click each orange button below for direct download!



Calling all GAIA users! If you have a paid subscription to GAIA, you can use our custom DPX file for upload in the app and you are on your way to a fully navigated hike! This is a nice feature if you track mileage or like to see data across your adventures. If you are not familar with GAIA, we suggest using the maps we created and the guided directions. Never fully rely on technology in the backcountry!


Please email for the secure file!