Freedom of Information Act

Kentucky Heartwood is committed to making all information we gather through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests available to the public. Some FOIAs are so large that we will need to disseminate the information using other methods than uploading them to a website. For access to FOIAs, please send an email request to and we will determine the best format to send and receive FOIA information.

  • Recent Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Group One (North Redbird)
  • South Redbird Wildlife Enhancement Project
  • Jellico IRMS
  • Blackwater Landscape Analysis (pending appeal)

Kentucky Heartwood is a public interest environmental nonprofit. We have no commercial purpose for any requested FOIAs, our FOIAs ask for information that is a matter of public interest, and the information we gather generally significantly contributes to the understanding of matters of public interest.