Stu Butler Memorial Award Dinner

Chris Schimmoeller to Receive 2018 Stuart Butler Memorial Award!

​It was an honor to present the 2018 Stuart Butler Memorial Award to Chris Schimmoeller!

​We heard so many incredible stories about different aspect of Chris’ life, highlighting her tremendous spirit, loving nature and incredible ability to get things done.

Speakers included: Connie May, Jim Scheff reading for Andy Mahler, Connie Lemley, Barry Tonning, Bob Pekny, Jeri Howell, Hugh Archer, Perrin de Jong, Xyara Asplen reading for Betty Beshour, Andy McDonald,Jim Bensman, Mark Schimmoeller, Trina Peiffer and Joel DuFour.

The evening featured an outstanding potluck dinner and was made possible by numerous volunteers and donations. Thank you, to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, Connie May, Hannah Helm, Trina Peiffer , Larkspur Press, Alfalfa, Bluegrass Baking Company, Good Foods Co-op, Good Impressions Design, Tona Barkley, Holly Hill Inn, Lyn & Jon Akers, Laurie Schimmoeller, & the Kentucky Heartwood Council.

Music was provided by Nat Colten & Jeri Katherine Howell.

More photos here.

Congratulations, Chris! You inspire us every day!

About the Stuart Butler Memorial Award

Stuart Butler was a founding member of Kentucky Heartwood and served on the Board of Directors until his passing. During his lifetime, he volunteered for many organizations to improve human communities and conserve the natural environment. Many of us had no idea of the depth and breadth of Stu’s commitments until he was gone. 

Proceeds from the Stuart Butler Memorial Dinner go toward the Kentucky Heartwood Endowment for Forest Protection, ensuring that Kentucky’s natural and human communities will continue to reap the benefits of his hard work. 

The Stuart Butler Memorial Award keeps Stu’s legacy alive by honoring individuals who follow in his footsteps. We remember Stu as a friend, a mentor, and a colleague; and we celebrate his determination, loyalty, encouragement, dedication to many causes, and love of the outdoors.

Past award winners include Hilary Lambert, Tom FitzGerald, Mary Carol Cooper, Hugh Archer, Deb Bledsoe, Johanna Camenisch, Winnie Hepler, Dave Cooper, Wayne Davis, Lane Boldman, and Ken Cooke.

We are accepting Nominations for the
2019 Stuart Butler Memorial Award 

​Nominations must be received by August 16, 2019