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Sponsor the Kentucky Heartwood Music Festival!

Help sponsor a summer celebration of the arts and the environment that features a youth talent contest, art exhibitors, children’s activities, workshops, and original bands.

If you would like your sponsorship to underwrite scholarships for children who would otherwise be unable to attend the festival and/or participate in the competition, please note below.

To sponsor, please use your choice of the online or printable form below. You can either mail your donation to Chris Schimmoeller, 660 Mt. Vernon Rd., Frankfort KY 40601, or use the Paypal button below to make your donation online.

For more information contact Chris at 502-514-2960 or

Your support makes a difference. Thanks!

A Sponsorship form is available for download below, if you prefer to print and mail in your sponsorship.

Many thanks to our 2023 Sponsors for their generosity

Charles Schimmoeller, Marianna Colten, Megan Willman Dobner, Logan Ernst, Trina and Tim Peiffer, Doug Osborne, Jessica Schuster, Mary Frank Slaughter, Emaline Gray, Joseph Fiala, Will Dowler, Polly Webb, Amanda Whites, Ezra Corum, Megan and Jason Harrod, Dave Cooper, Patty Draus, Natalie Dufour, Sophie Dufour, Joel Dufour, Eric Peiffer, Elle Travis, Clay Goebeler, Danny and Claire Hess, Jane Marie Watts, Brad Slutskin, Velda and John Watts, Maya Burke, Bridget Corum, Bob Padgett, Steve Dorsett, Kathy Murphy, Anna Grace Dudley, Jake Parritt, Morgan and Margi Jones, Rachel Harrod, Connie Colten, Mary Quinan, Ben Griffith, Lynn Cruz, Jim Daniel, Anna Harrod, Josephine Sculpture Park, Franklin County High School Majorettes, and the Kentucky Dance Academy.

Thanks to our emcee Ella McCutchen and to our sound wizard Seth Murphy of Blackhat Productions!

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