Music Festival 2023

Saturday, July 29 - 3-10pm

Millville Community Center, Frankfort Kentucky

The Kentucky Heartwood Music Festival is a fundraiser for the forest protection work of Kentucky Heartwood. We love celebrating our mission through community and the arts!

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Millville Community Market is proud to host “Gina’s Garden Party” at Kentucky Heartwood’s Music Festival, Saturday, July 29.

This year’s Garden Party will be in loving memory of Gina’s husband, John Lynaugh, who died suddenly last Thanksgiving. He and Gina were publicans of Lynaugh’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, a popular gathering place and an incubator for local musicians. They dedicated themselves to serving our community through fine art, tireless activism, wicked wit, and good humor. We are pleased that Mike Andreoni has agreed to put “The Jug Band” back together to perform for our event!

Gina Cay Scott was a dear friend to all who knew her, and she left us much too soon on June 1, 2020. She helped create the Millville Community Market, where she oversaw our community garden project that burst into bloom the week after her death. Although she did not get to see it, her influence lives on through the garden we’ve dedicated to her memory.

Gina’s Garden continues to grow, and we’re excited to display the beautiful marker hand-crafted by local woodworker John Kremer, made of sassafras and cedar and inscribed with a poem written by John Lynaugh. Please join us in celebrating the lives of this beloved couple. “All I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I can’t recall, so fill to me a parting glass, good night and joy be to you all.” --From an old Irish song as remembered by John.


Schedule of Events

3:00 pm -- Dancing in the Gym

Gina Scott Memorial Garden Party -- (Sufi Veil Dancing starts at 3:30)

3:30-4pm -- Open Mic
3:30 pm -- Stream Ecology Workshop

4:00 pm -- Music Competition (8-12 yr olds)
4:30 pm -- Making Park Benches from Pallets Workshop
4:45 pm -- Obstacle Course

5:00 pm -- Jasmine Fouts
5:00pm -- Meditation for Mother Earth Workshop
5:15 pm -- Sports Competition
5:30 pm -- Stream Ecology Workshop

6:00 pm -- Music Competition (13-18 yr olds)
6:00 pm -- Is Solar a Good Fit for You? Workshop
6:30 pm -- Children’s Talent Show

7:00 pm -- Children’s Parade
7:15 pm -- Raffle Drawing & Enviro Quiz Winner
7:30 pm -- Awards Presentation
7:45 pm -- Baja Yetis

10:00 pm -- Event ends

All Day: Information tables, Vendors, Local Food, Concessions, and a Moonbounce!

Schedule of Speakers

(All speakers will be on the main stage and will talk for 2-3 minutes each.)

4 pm -- Welcome to Music Festival

Chris Schimmoeller and Lauren Kallmeyer

4:50 pm

Be Smart – Rochelle Silvernail
Historic Preservation – Vicki Birenberg
River Row Forest – WWLT

5:50 pm

Logging on National Forests – Jim Scheff
Solarize Frankfort – Andy McDonald
FORR – Kristie Powe

6:50 pm

Bradford Pear Bounty – Joyce Bender
Protecting the Bluegrass – Jessie Hancock

7:30 pm -- Presentation of Awards

Jane Marie Watts and Chris Schimmoeller

Schedule of Workshops

4:30 pm -- Making Park Benches from Pallets

Pallets are the number one use of hardwood trees logged from our Daniel Boone National Forest. Join Dave Cooper as he demonstrates how to make park benches from pallets. This is a family-friendly, hands-on workshop that will involve using tools and painting the finished product!

5:00 pm -- Meditation for Mother Earth Workshop

Join the good folks at the Light Clinic for a guided meditation on the well-being of the earth and its inhabitants.

6:00 pm -- Is Solar a Good Fit for You?

Join solar expert Andy McDonald to learn about using solar power in your home, net metering, typical system sizes and costs, how to choose a good contractor, and the Solarize group-purchase campaigns in Frankfort, Lexington, and Louisville.


Earth Tools, Susan Mossman, Inside Out Design LLC, Jeff Alexander, Glare Control, Betty Beshoar, Doug Osborne, Bob Padgett, Michael & Sheila Campbell, Eddie Riddle, WEKU, Griffith Piano Service, Diane Lewis, Loren Curtis, Froggy 104.7, Extra Tree Estrial, Johanna Camenisch, Kathy Murphy, Doug and Laura Hendrix, Lanham Media Services, Betty Barr, and All Peoples.

Interested in supporting Kentucky Heartwood as a sponsor this year? More details here!

Want to help promote the festival?

Printable 8.5 x 11 version of the music fest poster available here. Please print a few and hang them up around your community!

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Meet the Musicians!

Jasmine Fouts writes and performs songs that lay bare the human condition. Her lyrics are confessional and compassionate; her voice is warm, tender, and powerful. Jasmine is a Kentucky Arts Council Performing Artist, a Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Enrichment grant recipient, and in 2020 released her debut album, Aviation Day.
​As a performer, Jasmine is emotionally connected. She performs her light-filled Indie Folk songs at festivals, music venues, community events, weddings, restaurants, bars, and house shows throughout the Midwest and Southeast.
Jasmine is also a member of the Yes Arts Teaching Artist directory, a program that provides arts activities for youth in order to "promote their healthy development as well as the health and vibrancy of our community’s future." Visit her website here!
The Baja Yetis have been a band 20 years in the making. Years ago Billy, Shawk and Danielle were all playing together in the Eastern KY University Jazz Band. Years later members from Astrolyte and Universal Frequency were often seen jamming on stage together. Finally, after all these years they have evolved into a rare and funky treat. The Baja Yetis serve up a funk-based soul stew that is sure to get you on your feet and take you to your happy place through a groove-powered time machine destined for 1975. Listen to their most recent album here!

Help sponsor a summer celebration of the arts and the environment that features a youth talent contest, art exhibitors, children’s activities, workshops, and original bands! Click here for the online sponsorship form!

​Register for the Youth Music Competition!

Young musicians are invited to compete in the Youth Music Competition.  One of the highlights of the festival, the youth music competition is a friendly, supportive event that allows young musicians to compete in two categories, ages 8-12 and 13-18.  First prize is $100; second is $25; third is a Kentucky Heartwood T shirt.   All kinds of music are welcome.  The younger kids' competition begins at 4pm; the older kids compete at 6pm.  Award winners are announced at 7:15pm.

We are always amazed at the wonderful talent of our contestants, and we love that they have so much fun at the festival in addition to the music (kids can play in the stream, participate in the chalk drawing competition, enter the obstacle course, etc.)  Please register early!

Do you make your own specialty products, wares, or other one-of-a-kind items? If yes, consider becoming a vendor!

We also welcome other non-profits to table at our event.

Click here to submit the online form!


Exhibitors: There is no charge for-non profits who are tabling.  Kentucky Heartwood also doesn't charge for-profit vendors, although we do ask that you consider making a donation at the end if you've had a good day!

The Kentucky Heartwood Music Festival is a fundraiser for the forest protection work of Kentucky Heartwood.  We love to celebrate our mission through community, the arts, and music at this event.  We feature local crafts, foods and items associated with sustainability at the festival.  We reserve the right to vet vendors for participation at the festival.

The Historic Millville Community Center

The Kentucky Heartwood Music Festival is located in western Woodford County on the banks of Glenn’s Creek in the scenic community of Millville.

The site of the festival is the Millville Community Center, which includes portions of the restored historic Millville Elementary School.  The facility is well known for its horseshoe tournaments.  Also available are basketball courts, picnic tables, and an outdoor pavilion.


Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

Charles Schimmoeller, Marianna Colten, Megan Willman Dobner, Logan Ernst, Trina and Tim Peiffer, Doug Osborne, Jessica Schuster, Mary Frank Slaughter, Emaline Gray, Joseph Fiala, Will Dowler, Polly Webb, Amanda Whites, Ezra Corum, Megan and Jason Harrod, Dave Cooper, Patty Draus, Natalie Dufour, Sophie Dufour, Joel Dufour, Eric Peiffer, Elle Travis, Clay Goebeler, Danny and Claire Hess, Jane Marie Watts, Brad Slutskin, Velda and John Watts, Maya Burke, Bridget Corum, Bob Padgett, Steve Dorsett, Kathy Murphy, Anna Grace Dudley, Jake Parritt, Morgan and Margi Jones, Rachel Harrod, Connie Colten, Mary Quinan, Ben Griffith, Lynn Cruz, Jim Daniel, Anna Harrod, Josephine Sculpture Park, Franklin County High School Majorettes, and the Kentucky Dance Academy.

Thanks to our emcee Ella McCutchen and to our sound wizard Seth Murphy of Blackhat Productions!

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Congrats to 16 years of winners!

​               Ages 8 – 12                        Ages 13 – 18    

2006      Alyssa Meece                        Tyler Stahl & Blake Sugarman

2007      Samantha Cunningham        Michael Cruise

2008      Samantha Cunningham        Morgan Darby

2009      Jacob Broyles                         Damon Pulliam

2010       Austin Moore                         Bethany Breakall

2011        Ella Lemley-Frye                    Damon Pulliam

2012       Andrew Breakall                    Bethany Breakall

2013       Ella Lemley-Frye                    Samantha Cunningham

2014       Jonathan Corum                    Jordan Semones

2015       Jackson Williams-Hale          Alexandra Hagan

2016       Ezra Corum                            Kellar Casciola

2017       Saisei Kameyama                  Zoe Parker

2018       Sophie Dufour                       Marie Bandeman

2019       Phoebe White                        Charity Gilbert

2021       Acadia Meyers                       Aileen Conner

2022      Stockton Stivers                     Anyuli Martinez

Contact the Organizer

Organizer Chris Schimmoeller was director of Kentucky Heartwood from 1992 to 2002. 
She is currently on the Kentucky Heartwood Council and lives in the Frankfort area. 
Contact her at 502-514-2960 or

Comments or Suggestions?

Every year people compliment us on the quality of the workshops and kids’ activities. Parents are also happy to be at a festival small enough that they don’t worry about where their kids are. If you have comments or suggestions about activities to add to the festival, please email Chris at We look forward to seeing you at the festival!​

Who We Are

Kentucky Heartwood is Celebrating 30 Years of Forest Protection! We are a non-profit forest advocacy organization that has worked since 1992 to protect and restore the integrity, stability, and beauty of Kentucky’s native forests.  Our focus is the Daniel Boone National Forest in southeastern Kentucky.  The 700,000 acre public forest boasts the state’s highest concentration of rare species, one of the highest concentrations of archaeological sites in the southeast, over 3,000 miles of clifflines, and attractions like the Red River Gorge.

Running waters on the Daniel Boone National Forest support about 60% of Kentucky’s native fish species, which represents 28% of all southeastern fishes and 18% of all native freshwater fishes in the United States.  Mussel species in streams on the Daniel Boone comprise 22% of mussel species in North America.  Overall, Kentucky ranks third in the nation for aquatic fauna diversity.

The Daniel Boone’s intricately folded topography creates specialized habitats for endemic species, such as white haired goldenrod, found nowhere else in the world.

The forest itself is highly diverse, distinguished by outstanding biodiversity, pockets of old growth, and unique upland bogs and glades. Because it stretches for 140 miles from north of Morehead to the Tennessee border along the western escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, the Boone represents our best opportunity to restore functioning forest ecosystems in the state.

Kentucky Heartwood passionately defends the Boone from logging, mining, development, and four wheeling.  We have helped to dramatically reduce logging levels and ATV abuse.

Protecting forests is increasingly important in this era of climate change.  Large forest blocks stabilize the atmosphere, sequester carbon, and conserve water.