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Black Lives Matter

I’ve struggled over these past few weeks with whether or not publish a statement on behalf of Kentucky Heartwood in response to the historic Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations…


Southeastern Kentucky Fish Protected Under Endangered Species Act With 248 Stream Miles of Critical Habitat

Kentucky arrow darter photo by Dr. Matthew R. Thomas, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. For Immediate Release, October 4, 2016 Contact: Noah Greenwald, (503) 484-7495, Jim Scheff, (859) 334-0602, jim@kyheartwood.orgSoutheastern Kentucky…


Forest Service Agrees to Freeman Fork Changes

The Forest Service, Kentucky Heartwood, and the Sierra Club reached an agreement over the Freeman Fork Oak Woodland Restoration Project that will result in fewer negative impacts as the project…


Frasure Creek Mining pulls permit application to mine near Robinson Forest!

As some of you may remember, last year Kentucky Heartwood asked our supporters to send in comments opposing the expansion of strip mining operations bordering the south end of Robinson…


Stop Robinson Forest Boundary Mining

ACTION ALERT: Stop Robinson Forest Boundary Mining Comments Due May 26!!! Action is needed to stop a new mining permit that would result in the destruction of 350 acres of native forest adjacent…