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Old-growth forests, trees over 250 years old, threatened by logging in Redbird

​The U.S. Forest Service approved logging of old-growth forests in the Daniel Boone National Forest, despite the agency’s claims to the contrary. Forests with trees over 250 years old are…


There’s good news on the hemlock situation, but the hemlock situation is not good.

This is a cross-post from by Kentucky Heartwood’s hemlock program coordinator, Austin Williams. You can visit that site to learn more about the decline of Eastern hemlock in Kentucky and how you…


Winter Letter, December, 2017

Dear friends,As we wrap up Kentucky Heartwood’s 25th year of working to protect our public lands and native forests, I want to thank each of you for your support of…


Kentucky Heartwood comments on KY Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources

In March, Kentucky Heartwood submitted comments regarding the Kentucky Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources. The report is available on the  Kentucky Division of Forestry’s website, and our comments can be…