Stop Robinson Forest Boundary Mining

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ACTION ALERT: Stop Robinson Forest Boundary Mining

Comments Due May 26!!!

Action is needed to stop a new mining permit that would result in the destruction of 350 acres of native forest adjacent to Robinson Forest. The original comment deadline was May 9, but an extension was granted and we now have until May 26 to get comments submitted.

Please take action immediately.

This project, if implemented, will have the following impacts:

  • Two miles of streams buried forever.
  • Additional “temporary” impacts to 3,405 feet of streams (2/3 mile).
  • Significant destruction of the last remaining native forest on the south side of Robinson Forest.
  • Further isolation of Robinson Forest as an island of forest in a sea of strip mines; trapping animals by eliminating migratory corridors.
  • Expansion of the largest strip mine complex in Kentucky.

Please use the information below to write your comments.  Requests must be received by the office by the end of business on Tuesday, May 26. The permit request and maps, as well as background on Robinson Forest, several revealing aerial images of the forest and surrounding strip mines, pictures of the Coles Fork watershed, and on the ground images from one of the adjacent strip mines can be seen on the Kentucky Heartwood website here.  And when you do comment, please let us know by emailing

Send a fax (recommended): 606-642-3258

Or email:

Address comments to: Mr. David Baldridge, CELRL-OP-FS of the U.S Army corps of Engineers

Reference: Public Notice No. LRL-2009-239


Frasure Creek Mining of Scott Depot, WV has applied to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a 404 permit to bury more than 2 miles of intermittent and ephemeral streams and impact a further 3,405 feet of streams, as part of a 350-acre strip mine in Breathitt County, KY.  This proposed mining is adjacent to the University of Kentucky managed Robinson Forest, and would expand the largest mining complex in eastern Kentucky. Twenty-five percent of the landscape, over 61,000 acres, within a 10 mile radius of the proposed mine have already been stripped. Too much of this landscape has been permanently altered, and it’s time to say “enough is enough.”

The proposed mining would destroy some of the last native forest on the south side of Robinson Forest and begin to connect the massive complex of strip-mines along the south side. The already stripped lands include the 2,344 Laurel Fork Mine (part of Robinson Forest leased for mining by UK) and the Star Fire mine complex, estimated to be about 17,000 acres.

The main 10,000 acre block of Robinson Forest is already bordered almost entirely by strip-mines, and is under continual threat of being mined itself. This new strip mine permit application highlights the importance of managing Robinson Forest in a manner that protects and enhances its significance as one of the largest, most outstanding forests in Kentucky.

For more information, contact Jim Scheff, Kentucky Heartwood at or by calling (859) 893-0262.

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