Thanks for a Great Dance!

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Hello everyone!

               We had a great dance!  Many thanks go to the Capital City Orchestra (Diane Simmons, Don Coffey, Jim Eaton, Joan Adrian, Karen Friley, Kay Kennedy, Lara Panayatoff, Laura Lee Cundiff, Lee Creech, Lisa Hicks, Paul Andis, Roger Holden, and Trent Ripley) for the fine music. Our expert callers were Sylvia Coffey, Beth Brokaw, Peter and Phyllis Rogers, and Steve Bennett – thank you for leading us through the dances!  The tasty food was cooked by Caroline Taylor-Webb, Clay Goebeler, Lyn Akers, Jane Marie Watts, Laurie Schimmoeller, Stone & Ember Bakery, Doug & Samantha Osborne, and Chris Schimmoeller.  Flowers and cilantro (not to mention two great boys!) provided by Trina Peiffer.  Our kitchen and break down crew included the amazing students from Frankfort High, Jeri, Maya, Michael, Audrey, as well as Caroline and Mrs. Fleck. 

               Thanks to Jon and Lyn Akers for running the registration table and to Clay for handling the Kentucky Heartwood table.  Betty Beshoar provided the reusable dishware.  John & Velda Watts, Sean, and the Millville Sportsmen have an awesome facility – thank you for letting us dance in such a fun space!

               Jessie Bessinger and Tina Marie made trips to deliver supplies, and Joel Dufour sponsored the event and was support crew in lots of ways.  Thanks to the State Journal and Tricia Spalding for taking photos.

               The fundraiser could not have taken place without the work of Sylvia Coffey.

               Thanks to everyone, we raised just over $500 for the forest protection work of Kentucky Heartwood, plus we had a fabulous time!


For the Forest!  Chris Schimmoeller