Endangered White Fringeless Orchid, Berea KY Celebration

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Thank you to all who came to the celebration. It was so fun! Special thanks to Berea Tourism, especially Kerri Lee Hensley. Zoe Speaks played (including some songs from their new album!), and everyone really enjoyed their performance. Sylvia Johnson did an awesome job painting faces, and Eryhn Phillips provided a sweet orchid-themed craft project. Berea Mayor, Steve Connelly, gave warm remarks. We also heard fromJim Scheff of Kentucky Heartwood, and Tierra Curry from the Center for Biological Diversity. Artists Roger Peet and Tricia Tripp did the mural design and painting. “The art project is part of a nationwide effort sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity to create public murals of endangered plants, animals and birds that are special in their regions.”
Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/news/state/article90195207/…