Be a Nurse Log

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So far, you have helped us raise $581! We have $1,413 to go to meet our goal of $1,994, which will allows us to pay our increased rent costs and get computers for our staff.

This photo shows a small hemlock tree growing on a nurse log in McCreary county, on the Lick Creek Falls Trail. Nurse logs are fallen decaying trees that other trees grow on. Trees that have grown on nurse logs often have tall roots that look like a cathedral when the tree is large. This happens because the nurse log rots away as the tree grows, leaving tall exposed roots. The nurse log also provides special growing conditions for hemlock seedlings, allowing for a greater chance of survival than if they germinated directly in soil on the forest floor. Our hemlock trees are struggling to survive due to an insect called the hemlock wooly adelgid. Kentucky Heartwood is working to protect our hemlocks in every way we can. Please help us. Be a nurse log and help us continue to grow!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Emily, Tuesday, Peggy, Glenn, Sabin, Eva, Amber, Max, John, Gerry, Daniela , Falcon, Joan, George, James, Ann, Jennifer, Sarah, Nathan, Randall, Kelly, Linda and Amy <3 <3 <3