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Old-Growth in the Daniel Boone National Forest: The Deep Dive

How much old-growth is there in the Daniel Boone National Forest? This is actually a pretty tough question to answer. The short answer is “not much.” But before we can…


The public deserves more information about Blackwater

The Cumberland District of the Daniel Boone National Forest lies below Morehead, Kentucky and to the east of Cave Run Lake. The 12,000-acre Blackwater Landscape Analysis is proposed here. The…


Kentucky Heartwood is NOT against invasive species removal.

Someone on Facebook asked if we were against invasive species removal. We’re not. Here’s our response: This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in…


White Nose Syndrome found in Virginia Caves

Mysterious Bat-Killing Disease Found In 2 Va. Caves [See video at <> By Brigid SchulteWashington Post Staff WriterSaturday, April 11, 2009; Page A01 First, the frogs began disappearing, with as…